Counter-Strike Global Offensive a multiplayer first-person shooter game that is developed by the collaboration of Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the sequel of the three old Counter-Strikes. The game was released in August 2012. The game was first released on three different platforms which include Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. Eventually, in 2014, CSGO came out for Linux as well. The game uses the Source Engine. CSGO is one of the most famous first-person shooter games. Let’s find out more about the game.

About CSGO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the fourth sequel of the Counter-Strike series. The game was released for multiple platforms like PlayStation3, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. 2 years later, CSGO was released for Linux as well. The game focuses on two teams against each other: Terrorists, and Counter-Terrorists. 

Both teams focus on a different task and spawn on the different sides of the map. CSGO includes a lot of game modes for the players. There are around 9 different game modes available, with each mode coming with a specific category. These different modes are Casual, Competitive, Deathmatch, Demolition, Arms Race, Wingman, Danger Zone, Weapons Course, and Flying Scoutsman. 

 One of the modes ends up in matchmaking. In this mode, players can queue for a match and with Valve’s dedicated servers, they can connect and play. CSGO also allows the players to host their own server game and let the others join their games. These hosted games can include any of the custom modes and maps. 

Counter-Strike Global Offensive introduced a new mode in 2018. The mode was named “Danger Zone” but a Battle Royale came out for the players.

CSGO has received so much praise from the critics since its release. However, in the beginning, most of the community complained about the difference in its mechanics for PC and Console. This issue was eventually addressed and eradicated. Since the year, CSGO came out, the game has drawn around 11 million players each month. 

Valve has sponsored a lot of tournaments for CSGO and has gathered active gameplay. In December of 2018, Valve decided to turn the model of the game to free-to-play. The company then focused on generating revenue from the cosmetics items only. 

CSGO Teams

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has gameplay that focuses on two teams only. One of the team is the Terrorists and the other is the Counter-Terrorists. Both of the teams have different ambitions and goals in each game. The terrorist side of the game has to plant a bomb on a specific point of the map, and the counter-terrorist has to stop them. 

Each map of the game has two sides. If the terrorists are spawn at the Side A of the map, they will have to plant a bomb on Side B. However, the counter-terrorists have to stop them to do so. In the attempt of refraining terrorists from planting the bomb, if all the counter-terrorist clan dies, the map automatically goes to the terrorist side. Similarly, the roles are different for the counter-terrorist side. If all the terrorist members die and they successfully planted the bomb, CT guys still have to dispose of the bomb before the time runs out. 

Both teams use different cosmetics. The terrorists wear a very casual jacket with an orange muffler around the neck. However, the counter-terrorist squad wears a formal uniform. 

The custom cosmetic options are available for the weapons only. The uniforms for the members remain the same. 

Teams are only available in some modes of the game. For example, the Danger Zone doesn’t have any team available in it. As the Battle Royale lets you enter with any character. The goal and gameplay of the whole game changes.

CSGO Multiple Tournaments

Throughout the year, multiple majors and minors take place for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some of the majors are hosted by Valve itself, while others are just arranged by different organisers. The most famous tournaments for CSGO are arranged by the esports giants ESL and DreamHack. The game also focuses on multiple series by BLAST. 

In 2013, Valve started the Major tournaments for CSGO. The first-ever major took place in Sweden with a prize pool of around $250,000. However, nowadays, Majors are the most prestigious tournaments in CSGO that Valve organises. The prize pool range of the majors now reaches around 1 Million Dollars. Also, around 24 teams enter the tournament to fight for the title. 

Few other majors like StarLadder Berlin Major and IEM Katowice Major provide the biggest winning points to the teams. 

Different tournaments are divided into the tier levels in CSGO. The tier list includes S, A, B, and then C. The S-tier tournaments are the most prestigious tournaments for the game. These tournaments provide the highest points and prize money. Most of the time, these tournaments are organised by Valve itself.

However, several event organisers focus on A-tier events more. In these tournaments, the prize pool is comparatively low and the team inside the region joins. 

The B and C-tier tournaments are small and low prize pool tournaments. These tournaments occur on the national level in each country.