NBA 2k

NBA 2K is a series of multiple basketball sports simulation video games. The game was actually released in 1999 and ever since its existence, a new series of it comes out every year. Every year, a new version focuses more on the National Basketball Association and creates better gameplay. The latest release of the game was on September 4, 2020. The latest version of the game is known as NBA 2K21. The game is developed by multiple developers joining together. The developer team includes Visual Concepts, 2K China, 2K Sports, Virtuos, and Tencent Games. 

The game has much more to represent, let’s get into further details and find out more about the interesting series. 

About NBA 2K

NBA 2K started its esports journey in 1999. The game has since made a lot and released so many sequels. Back in time, NBA 2K was published by Sega Sports, which was really famous at that time. However, the present publishers for NBA 2K are 2K Sports. The main developer for all of the series is Visual Concepts. The whole series of NBA 2K contains more than 18 games within these years. The game covers almost every gaming platform by releasing on 18 platforms. NBA 2K supports Dreamcast, all the PlayStations above PlayStation2, all the Xbox models, Microsoft Windows, Wii, iOS, Android, Nintendo, and Stadia. 

NBA 2K is a well-received esports game. The gameplay of NBA 2K has been changing and improving with every new release in the series. The basic gameplay includes several teams from the National Basketball Association, where a player chooses a team to play with. During the match, a player has to control all the members of the team or can switch it to a select-a-player role. The game contains almost every National Basketball Association team in it. It also contains the former teams in it. A player can customize and build up a new imaginary team himself. All the rules are taken from the NBA official rule books. 

There are multiple modes available in the game which provide diversity to the players to like NBA 2K. The game has earned so much popularity since its release. Every year, fans wait for the new series to come out. The NBA has been very consistent with its new series. Making more than 18 games in 20 years is just total dedication. NBA 2K has two primary rivals in the Basketball esports gaming industry, which are NBA Live and EA Sports.

NBA 2K Game Modes

There are multiple modes available in NBA 2K to make the game more interesting. These modes include Career mode, MyGM, MyTeam, Street Basketball, and Jordan Challenge. 

The Career Mode lets you enter the Basketball world and a player can assume an in-game-player to go through his basketball journey. The player grows through playing multiple matches and moves forward in his NBA career. The storyline often starts from high-school or college where a fresh basketball player enters the professional scene for the first time.

The MyGM mode lets a player become an in-game General Manager of a professional Basketball team. The player must look after every single thing for the assumed NBA franchise. In the mode, a player doesn’t only play with the team but also keeps an account of its every aspect. The interpersonal things should also be kept in mind while controlling an NBA franchise. During the mode, the player then progresses as a GM to take the team towards success.

The MyTeam mode allows the player to create a team with different members and then compete against other teams. The teams can be created by purchasing the card packs. These card packs then help the players in acquiring multiple players or items in the game. In addition to creating a customized team, players can also customize the team’s jerseys and the basketball court style. All these features are available in a single mode. 

The Street Basketball mode allows you to select a self-made player or a professional player to enter the court. The court does not give any professional vibe and the game totally looks like a street basketball game. This mode also allows the players to enter the slam dunk contest of basketball. 

Similarly, the Jordan Challenge mode lets your team adapt some of the best Michael Jordan’s feats. For example, scoring 69 points in a single match. This mode was created to honor the legend, Michael Jordan in the game.

NBA 2K Tournaments

NBA 2K is a well-known and famous esports game. The game developers organize multiple tournaments for NBA 2K throughout the year. Some of the biggest tournaments for the game occur in the United States of America. The most favorite and biggest tournaments for NBA 2K are NBA 2K League: The Ticket, NBA 2K League: Tip-Off, NBA 2K League: Tip-Off New York City, and many more. Each tournament enters more than 20 teams on average. The teams fight for weeks to win the title and a huge prize pool. A small level tournament for NBA 2K holds a prize pool of around $100,000. During 2020, most of the series for NBA 2k got canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the developers of the game say that the professional scene will definitely return back to its position as the world goes into a better state. 

The biggest tournament for 2020 was NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown 2020. The tournament invited 136 teams to battle against each other for weeks. NBA 2K has earned a lot of respect from the community.