Allu Has Returned To Professional CS:GO


Professional CS:GO player, Aleksi “Allu” Jalli has announced that he is returning to the professional CS:GO scene. That’s right, the popular player took a break in May due to some personal reasons, but has now returned once again. Allu Has Returned At the time of taking a break, Allu was a part of ENCE who Has Dropped Its Entire Dota 2 Roster

This month, we have been seeing major changes being made in various esports teams across the world. A few days back, we reported about SoNNekO leaving Na’Vi 2 months after rejoining the team. And now, another team has come forward with a statement that has left many fans shocked., a popular esports organization recently

SoNNeikO Has Left Na’Vi’s Dota 2 Team


Every year, we see changes being made in Dota 2 teams all over the world. Some of them add new players to their roster, while some see players leaving. As for Na’Vi, it’s the latter for them. This is because the captain of their Dota 2 team, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev has decided to leave the

Keita Has Parted Ways With Complexity


We are seeing major changes in different esports teams this month. Just recently, we talked about the departure of a major player from the Dota 2 roster of Na’Vi. And now, it seems like an important figure from another esports team has decided to part ways with its organization. That’s right, it was recently confirmed