Apex Legends Players Complain About Predator Players Using Exploits

Apex Legends players who reach the rank of Predator are considered as some of the best players in the game. This is because if you’ve been playing Apex Legends, then you already know how difficult it is to reach this rank. You need to spend countless hours in the game and dominate every single match that you see. One mistake can get you killed, something that can hurt your ranking. However, it seems even players who reach this rank are using exploits to gain an advantage over low-rank players.

Cheating in Apex Legends

Cheating is something that has existed in Apex Legends since its release in February 2019. In fact, it is a problem found in most of the battle royale games. This is because even Warzone players have complained a lot about facing hackers and cheaters in the game, something that always ends up ruining their gameplay experience. Although their developers have tried their best to put an end to them, they just can’t come up with a permanent solution.

The same can be said for Apex Legends as Respawn Entertainment has tried its very best to eliminate the problem of cheating from Apex Legends. They have an in-game cheat system that automatically detects if someone is cheating. However, a lot of cheaters end up bypassing them as well. Although we see different ban waves in which the developers ban thousands of players every week, these cheaters just end up creating new accounts.

High-Ranked Players Abusing Exploits

Now, it has been confirmed that the problem of cheating exists in the game’s highest rank as well. While you would expect Predator players to be those who play fair and straight, this isn’t actually the case. On Reddit, a user made a post in which he talked about how Predator players are breaking the game’s rules by using exploits. As per the person who made the post, he caught a team of Predator players using the bronze lobby glitch. For those who don’t know, by using this glitch, they can play with those who are in the lower lobbies and have a lower K/D ratio.

There’s also a video in which it can be clearly seen how the Predator players are playing in a lower-rank lobby, something that is allowing them to dominate the entire match. The thing which gives away their Predator status is their badges and kill cards. They are killing every squad that appears in front of them, and that too because of the obvious reasons. There’s no way a team from a lower-rank lobby can compete with those belonging to the Predator rank.

In any case, Respawn must take action against such players before things get out of hand. It is already too difficult for players to climb the ladder in Ranked Mode, and competing against the highest-ranked players is only going to make things worse. Hopefully, we will soon see Respawn removing this exploit from the game so that Predator players can no longer abuse it. They should also issue hardware bans to such players. Before you go, make sure to check out the trailer for Apex Legends Season 10 as well.