Hayley Matthews Remarkable Performance Wins West Indies Women ODI Series

There is a lot of pressure on the player, especially when their team is close to winning an entire ODI series without losing a single match. The same happened recently with the West Indies women team who defeated Pakistan’s women team with a score of 3-0. That’s right, the West Indies’ team performance led them to perform a clean sweep and win the ODI series without losing a single match. As for Hayley Matthews, she is the player who contributed a lot to this.

How Things Went Down for Pakistan

West Indies won the toss and they decided to ball first for whatever reason. Pakistan’s team played pretty well and they were expected to score a lot. However, they couldn’t manage to cross 182 as they were bowled out by West Indies before that. Pakistan’s team lost 3 players by the 16th over with only 56 runs in their inventory. However, a partnership between Omaima Sohail and Nida Dar ended up boosting the spirits of the team as they scored a total of 87 runs. But the star of the day, Hayley Matthews managed to take down Nida Dar in the 35th over. This marked the beginning of the time when West Indies once again had the upper hand as they managed to take out the entire team after just 39 runs. From 143/3, the Pakistan team instantly went to 161/9.

The highest scorer of the Pakistan team was Omaima as she managed to score 62 runs from 79 balls. However, the rest of the team couldn’t perform like her as the target they set was too low. Seeing the 182 score target, fans of Pakistan knew that the team they are rooting for will need to perform well in balling now. Otherwise, every cricket fan knows that 182 is an easy target to chase, something that can be even made in around 30 overs instead of 50 if played right.

Hayley Matthews Amazing 100

Hayley Matthews took the bat. Earlier, she performed well with the ball as well as the player managed to take down two of Pakistan’s players while giving away 30 scores. With the bat, she didn’t disappoint as well. Off just 122 deliveries, Matthews managed to score a whopping 100.

Matthews took the opening stage with Kyshona Knight and the two manage to hold on to a partnership of 56 runs. However, after scoring just 18 runs, Knight was taken down by Anam Amin. Brtiney Cooper then joined the stage with Matthews and the two managed to take things to the next level by scoring a partnership of 106 runs. This led to West Indies winning the entire match, with Cooper scoring 45 runs and Matthews scoring 100 on 122 balls without getting out.

The performance of Matthews was remarkable as she not only performed well with the ball but didn’t disappoint any fan with her batting as well. In addition to this, her amazing performance helped the West Indies team with performing a clean sweep by winning the ODI series with a 3-0 score. The Pakistan team will surely start practicing more to perform better after facing such a huge defeat.