Apex Legends Seer: Everything You Should Know About Him

Apex Legends season 10 is going to the game soon and players just can’t wait for it to arrive. The new season is going to add a bunch of new content to the game, including a new Legend called Seer. This new Legend is a tracker like Bloodhound and Crypto, but he works in a much different way. Today, we will be talking about everything we know about Seer in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends New Character

A new season always means that we’ll be getting a new Legend for the game. This is the only time when the developers add a new character, and this happens after a few months. This is why almost every player is excited for a new season because they just can’t wait to try out a new character. As for Season 10, it is going to introduce Seer to the game. We got our first extended look at him through the recent trailer and he looks absolutely amazing. And if you haven’t, then make sure to check out the Metamorphosis Tales from the Outlands as well to learn more about the character.

Recently, during the EA Play Live event, Respawn revealed the trailer for Season 10. At the same time, the developers also talked about who the new Legend is and the abilities he will offer. The Metamorphosis Tales from the Outlands video talked about how a child will be born with the mark of the moth all because of a cure. This child was Seer, who happens to be an expert in combat.

Seer’s Abilites

As for his abilities, they are mentioned below.

Passive Ability – Heatseekr:

Seer’s Passive is called Heatseeker and it allows him to sense the heartbeat of nearby enemies. When you aim down the sight, you will be able to hear the heartbeat of any enemy who is nearby.

Tactical Ability – Focus of Attention:

Next up, we have his tactical ability called Focus of Attention. This allows him to send out mini-drones that will mark all enemies in front of him. Furthermore, all marked enemies will be unable to use any healing items during the time they are marked. Seer and his teammates will be able to see the health and location of the marked enemies for a total of eight seconds, which is enough to plan an attack.

Ultimate Ability – Exhibit:

Finally, we have his Ultimate ability called Exhibit. Seer can send out hundreds of mini-drones after throwing out his heart chamber that will form the shape of a sphere and surround the targeted area. If any enemy moves quickly or fires his weapon within the area, then they will get marked and Seer along with his allies will be able to see their movement. However, the only downside about the ability is that the enemy can shoot and destroy the heart chamber.

This was everything you should know about Seer in Apex Legends. As we get closer to the release, we will most likely hear some new stuff about him.