Cr1t becomes the first support player to cross 11,000 MMR

Andreas ‘Cr1t’ Nielsen becomes the first Dota 2 support player to cross the 11,000 MMR in the history. He is one of the best position 4 support players in the professional Dota 2 scene across all the regions. Cr1t basically achieves this goal by playing core heroes most of the time in the past month. He also joins the group of professionals who crossed the 11,000 MMR in Dota 2 history. 

Cr1t’s last few Picks

Although Cr1t is one of the most famous support players in Evil Geniuses, he gets to the highest MMR ever by using the core heroes the most. In his last month’s picks, Cr1t chose Troll Warlord and Pnagolier the most. To keep his support-game going, he always plays his official role in the game as well. In his previous few plays, Cr1t chose Tusk and Phoenix the most. 

Cr1t is the first European to do so

Cr1t becomes the sixth ever professional player to cross the 11,000 MMR mark. With his MMR reaching 11,010, he became the first European ever to achieve that. The rest of the MMR Gods are from SEA and CIS regions of the game. 

Another EG’s player to reach 11,000 MMR

EG has another professional in it who made it to the 11,000 MMR for the very first time. One of the most talented Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop, is the first man ever to reach the 11K MMR in Dota 2 history. EG now has two players who reached the highest MMR in the game. The team currently stands on the highest rankings in the world. With Cr1t achieving a huge milestone, Evil Geniuses become more famous in the region. 

Players to cross 11,000 MMR ever

There are only six players in the world who ever crossed the 11,000 MMR in Dota 2. However, none of them could keep the number there but they somehow reached that point. One more interesting thing about this magical number is that all the professionals have touched it in the same year, which is 2020. The six players to reach the 11K MMR are Azel ‘Abed’ Yusop (13th May 2020), Nuengnara ‘23savage’ Teeramahanon (23rd July 2020), Danil ‘gpk’ Skutin (24th August 2020), Egor ‘epileptick1d’ Grigorenko (27th August 2020), Karl ‘Karl’ Jayme (8th October 2020), Andreas ‘Cr1t-’ Nielsen (13th October 2020).

Crit to hold this number?

With Crit becoming the sixth player in the world to reach the highest MMR ever, fans are curious to witness if he is going to hold his number or not. All the other players have touched this number but none of them could stay on it for long. However, Crit says that this number is more than one and a half months of his effort. He will not let this achievement go that easy. Fans are happy and wishing Crit all the best wishes that he may be able to take the next step and achieve the next milestone.