CSGO – New RMR Eligibility Guidelines are coming on your way

Valve has recently announced some changes to its RMR Eligibility Guidelines regarding the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans. Through a blog post on the 15th of April, Valve has briefed how the new guidelines will affect the professional players in the scene to enter the Valve-sponsored tournaments. Till now, the terms are very simple and strict about the VAC bans. However, Valve makes some amendments to the recent changes. 

Since the Beginning

CSGO has an unforgiving nature when it comes to VAC bans. Any professional with a VAC ban in the past could not enter the Valve-sponsored tournaments. This rule has been alive since the dawn of the competitive shooter. Valve has never updated this rule and players with VAC bans could never enter professional tournaments. However, the organization has now announced some changes to its RMR eligibility guidelines. 

The Amendments 

According to the new rules for the RMR tournaments, Valve has stated two points. Any CSGO player will not be allowed to enter a Valve-affiliated tournament if they have received a VAC ban less than five years prior. Similarly, the rule is exactly the same for the players who received a VAC ban at any point after their first presence in a Valve-affiliated tournament. This means that any player who has already played an RMR event and receives a ban in any other RMR event and receives a VAC ban, would not be allowed to enter any Valve-sponsored tournaments. 

Other Effects

The blog post by Valve also stated the other effects of the VAC bans in the game. According to the post, all the bans stay in place. Similarly, all the effects also remain the same. The only difference is the qualification for the players. This means that the new changes only talk about the players’ eligibility to qualify for Valve-sponsored tournaments. Therefore, the VAC bans still remain very strict and players do not get any easy passes to the tournaments. 

Valve has always been strict about the VAC bans in the game. To make the CSGO community better, the organization has never allowed any professional to enter any professional tournament with a VAC ban. The new blog post made a lot of community members think that Valve is going to make a passage for the players with VAC bans. However, the organization only talks about the eligibility of the players and changes a small rule that does not affect the previously banned players from the scene. 

Future of VAC bans

It does not seem like Valve is going to change the VAC rules any time soon again. The recent blog post did not talk about the players getting out of the ban. However, it only stated the eligibility of the professionals who can still get into events. The future of the VAC bans seems the same. Valve might tighten the rule further, in the future. However, it does not seem like it will make any relaxation in the law any time soon.