Dota 2 player count drops for five consecutive months

Dota 2 is one of the most famous MOBA games that made their place in the biggest esports scene. The game is so popular that every day, millions of players play it. Despite the heavy traffic Dota has seen, the game is getting low on the audience from the beginning of 2020. The average player count for the game is continuously declining for the past five months. According to an estimate, around 100,000 average and peak players left Dota this year.

This irritating change began with the release of the International Battle Pass 10. However, Valve released Battle Pass to improve the game’s popularity, an inverse effect is very prominent. 

Dota 2 Unstable Audience

Dota 2 has always suffered through an unstable audience in the past. The numbers always shuffle for the game but the game always bounces back to make an impact in the esports scene. In March 2016, Dota 2 observed its biggest audience of around 1.29 million, which has decreased enormously ever since. In just six months, Dota 2 came back to the old spot and never touched that much audience again. The Battle Pass 10 now ends and Valve is soon going to release the official date for the TI10. Without the Battle Pass, there are very low chances to recover through the shortage of players in the game.

Steam Charts

Steam contains the charts that hold all the information about the activity of the game. According to the recent charts, Dota 2 has dropped its player count below 400,000 this month. This is the lowest player-count till 2004 in the game. 

Steam observed the first drop in January 2020, when the organization tried improving the player-count. As the Battle Pass came out on May 25th, 2020, a major decline was received. This story continued for around five months and Dota 2 could not do anything about it. The officials at Steam confirm that this is the longest drop Dota 2 has ever seen, since its birth.

Inactivity of Esports Scene

Professionals are relating this massive drop in player-count with the cancellation of the esports scene of Dota 2. The biggest tournament of the game, The International also gets postponed for an indefinite time. The players who wait for the tournaments are not so happy and this might be the reason for them leaving the game like this.

Dota 2’s professional esports scene is currently in big danger. Most of the teams like Cr4zy, Team Singularity, and Chaos Esports left the professional scene due to the lack of tournaments and opportunities in the game. 

The International 10 seems like the last hope or opportunity for the game. The event might occur in the year 2021. As the event gets closer, the hype goes higher for the professionals as well as for the community and fans who wait for the tournament all year. Dota 2 is going to bounce back to the position it belongs to. It is just a hard time that will pass as well.