Dota 2 The International 10: Venue, Prize Pool, and More

2020 was a rough year for almost every industry. This is because the Coronavirus Pandemic created a global health crisis and everything had to be either delayed or postponed. The International, which is one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, also shared the same fate. But now, things are started to get back to normal thanks to the vaccines. Because of this very reason, Valve has decided to host the tournament again this year. Today, we will be talking about the official dates, prize pool, and venue of Dota 2 The International 10.

The International 10 Dates

This year’s tournament is going to be the 10th version of The International. Valve has confirmed that the event will begin on October 7 and will end after 10 days, on October 17. This time period will be further divided into three different stages. The Group Stage will commence on October 7 and will end on October 10. There will be a break of one day after this and the Main Stage will then start on the 12th and will go on till the 16th. After this, fans will witness the Grand Finals of the International 10 on October 17th.

Prize Pool

For those who don’t know, The International is well known for featuring some of the biggest prize pools in the history of esports. The 2019 version of the tournament had a prize pool of $34 million, or $34,330,068 to be exact. And as for The International 10, it will have a prize pool of $40 million, or $40,018,195. This is a 116.5% increase from the previous prize pool. This isn’t surprising considering the prize pool increases every year. Most of it comes from the game’s Battle Pass sales. At the moment, Valve is yet to reveal the breakdown of this $40 million. But we’ll most likely see the details in either August or September.


Now, let’s talk about the venue of The International 10. Previously, the Avici Arena in Stockholm, Sweden was meant to be the venue for the said event. However, as it got delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the venue has been changed by the organizers. The International 10 will not take place in Bucharest, Romania at The Arena Nationala. For those who don’t know, this arena is the country’s biggest stadium and is perfect for events such as The International as it is capable of hosting 55,643 people.


At the moment, Valve hasn’t shared any details regarding the tickets for the event. We’ll know more about this as we get closer to the event date. However, just like every year, the tickets will most likely get sold within a few minutes or hours. But if you fail to grab a ticket or are unable to make the trip to Romania to attend the event, then you shouldn’t worry a lot as the event will be live-streamed through major streaming platforms.

This was all regarding the dates, prize pool, and the venue of Dota 2 The International 10. We’ll make sure to update you as soon as we hear something from the organizers. Let’s just hope that we don’t see another delay because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.