DreamHack and Full Sail University Become Partners For DreamHack Beyond

2021 is going to be a great year for esports fans as they will get to see different esports events throughout the world. Last year was a mess because everything was either delayed or postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. But now, things are starting to get back to normal. At the moment, DreamHack Beyond is one of the events esports fans are looking forward to. And just recently, its organizers have announced that they have decided to partner up with Full Sail University for it.

About DreamHack Beyond

DreamHack will be hosting the event this month and it is going to be an absolute blast. For those who don’t know, the event is going to be a hybrid festival that will be hosted online through an online multiplayer game. The organizers have created the online game for the sole purpose of enhancing the experience of online events. It will feature virtual cosplay events, esports tournaments, game demos, panels, and much more. In other words, it’s going to be something you have never experienced before.

About Full Sail University

As for Full Sail University, it is based in Winter Park, Florida. The university has contributed a lot towards esports as it was one of the starting universities that got involved in esports. They have years of experience with esports, something that makes them a perfect partner for DreamHack Beyond. As per the official statement, Full Sail is going to host various educational panels and streaming events during the event. The panels will focus on the industry and will feature prominent figures from the gaming industry. Some of the names include Erin Eberhardt who is the Lead Project Manager at Blizzard Entertainment and Patrick Klein who is the Chief Strategy Officer of eFuse. Other than these, we can expect to see some other big names as well.

Official Statements

As per Justin Burnham, who is the Creative Vice President at DreamHack, the event is a part of evolving DreankHack into something big, and that there is nothing better than creating a hybrid event that can untie people during these tough times. He further added that seeing his alma mater, Full Sail University, becoming a part of the event has definitely added to his happiness. The Vice President is looking forward to seeing engaging and relevant educational panels during the event.

The Director of Esports at Full Sail University, Sari Kitelyn also had something to say about the partnership. He claimed that DreamHack is once again pushing the limits of what can be brought to the esports community and providing them with new experiences. He also congratulated the entire DreamHack team and mentioned “Partnering with them has been an extremely collaborative opportunity to take part in building the blueprint for what is possible in the event space, while continuing to elevate the industry. We are extremely proud of the students, staff, and alumni who are working behind the scenes, and we can’t wait for it to begin.”

In any case, it’s great to see that DreamHack is partnering up with an educational institution to take their event to a big level. Full Sail University definitely has a lot to bring to the table as they currently offer on-campus and online degrees in business, film, technology, games, sports, and more. The DreamHack Beyond event will begin on July 24 and will conclude after one week, on the 31st. Let’s just hope that everything goes as planned.