eUnited says goodbye to Valorant

eUnited leaves the competitive Valorant scene as the organization dropped its official roster on the 28th of May. The team enjoyed its competitive journey and earned a solid second-tier rank. However, eUnited failed to win any major title throughout its journey. The professionals and coaches in the team are planning to stick together and play under a new banner. eUnited has still not made a public post about dropping out of the game. 

eUnited’s Roster

The official roster of eUnited had Jason ‘Jmoh’ Mohandessi, Lucas ‘Fiziq’ Blow, Tanner ‘Scourge’ Kages, Joseph ‘TurnUp’ Sicre, and Joseph ‘Joseph’ Rivera. The organization benched Turnup and Joseph from its official roster, before leaving the competitive scene. Similarly, eUnited had two official coaches working for the squad including Frantic and Kyle ‘ToKacey’ Stevens. Both players and the coaches have expressed their feelings about sticking together even after the organization dropped the whole team.

eUnited’s History

eUnited joined the competitive scene of Valorant in January 2021 by signing the former squad of Serenity. The team did not make a lot of changes in the lineup and just bought a few members to it. The team began with Joseph, Scrooge, and Turnup. Later on, ToKacey also came along. The team also signed with Ryan ‘Eazy’ Matthews and Antonio ‘Showtime’ Angotti in its early days. However, Showtime left the team to join Rize. eUnited also benched Eazy from its official roster after the departure of Showtime. 

Tournament Runs

Team eUnited could not produce many results during its short time in the scene. At first, the team competed in the Valorant Champions Tour qualification events. However, the team never managed to qualify for a major tournament. During its short period, Team eUinted’s highest placing was the round of 32. At stage 1, eUnited tried to qualify for the major tournament three times. However, the team lost to Cloud9 White, FaZe Clan, and Frick Ya Bag. 

At Stage 2 of VCT, Rise and Envy handed a defeat to the squad to eliminate it from the tournament. Similarly, at the Nerd Street Gamers tournaments, the team could only reach the quarterfinals. Throughout its competitive period, eUnited only managed to beat the amateur squads but never managed to win against the big teams. 

Future of the Squad

All the players and coaches have planned to stick together and participate in the upcoming tournaments. The squad is currently looking for a new home to sing. Currently, the squad is playing under the name FPL-C. With this name, the squad plans to play in the upcoming VCT events. As for eUnited, it says goodbye to the competitive scene. By leaving the game, eUnited became one of the teams to leave the esports scene completely. Several other organizations like Beastcoast and Dignitas are also on the list of organizations that dropped out of the esports scene. 

In the upcoming days, the squad will surely find a new banner to play with. The team also has to come up with a new strategy for a remarkable comeback.