Future of Cr4zy: Focus on 2021

Due to the ongoing situation of the world caused by COVID-19, Cr4zy decides to let go of all of its esports teams. The company takes this decision to prepare for the upcoming year. At the beginning of 2020, the company focused on expanding its roots to Dota 2, CS: GO, and Rainbow Six Siege. This decision was going in the perfect direction until Coronavirus hit the world. The world is now a different place to live in, even after 9 months of the dangerous plague. 

The Issues

Coronavirus didn’t leave the esports industry behind. However, most of the tournaments turned online. The company was not willing to risk the health of the professional players due to the plague. Besides the virus, the company had a fear of any player getting stuck in a foreign country due to the lockdowns. Players faced several issues in the online tournaments due to heavy load on the internet. Despite all the issues, all the team remained patient for this situation to end. However, things didn’t work out as the Cr4zy planned. Eventually, the company had to let go of all the esports teams. 

The Termination

Cr4zy announces the termination of all the esports players bound to the company on the 30th of September 2020. The organization thinks that this is the best it can do right now. All players are free to move to any new team without any transfer fee. Cr4zy also thinks that with a limited budget, online tournaments, fewer travel options, it was the best time for the company to reevaluate its future strategies. The organization now gets ready for 2021. 

Thankful Endings

The company openly says thank you to all of its esports branches. All the teams did an amazing job during difficult times. The Dota 2 team for Cr4zy finished in top 2 in the Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 3: Americas and the ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: South & North America. 

The CS: GO team for the company jumped into the top 50 teams in the world within a short time. Similarly, the Rainbow Six Siege team of the company was just a few steps away from qualifying for the R6 Pro League. The company also entered League of Legends and the LoL team secured the 2nd position in the Esports Balkan League. 

Cr4zy says thank you to all of the professionals and teams for the amazing times. 

Next Steps

The organization says that it will reevaluate its previous runs and make new strategies for the upcoming year. The company will now focus on providing more services and ponder on product development. As the company says, we have an amazing plan waiting for 2021, we can’t wait to share with all of you.

Cr4zy is definitely going to come back to Esports. The organization currently takes a break from the scene due to the situation in the world. However, fans are optimistic about the approach that the organization will come back.