High Coast Esports quits Dota 2

High Coast Esports has recently released its complete Dota 2 official roster. Just a few days before its first series into the second season of the DPC, the team makes a huge move. The community still questions about the exit at the extreme point as the team had its first match in the second season in a few days. Before the beginning of the first season of DPC, High Coast Esports entered competitive Dota for the first time. The team started playing professionally in the regional leagues of the respective region. Similarly, the organization acquired the complete roster of Chicken Fighters to make a debut in the Dota 2 scene. 

Adrian ‘Era’ Kreyziu and Rasmus ‘Chessie’ Blomdin supervised the organization in its previous run which could not stand long. 

Dropping the Roster

With high hopes, High Coast Esports entered into the first season of the DPC to play the regional qualifiers. However, the team could not pull out the desired results. The team finished last in the upper division of the region, going 3-12. Due to such poor performance, the team went straight to the lower division for the second season. Apparently, this setback broke the team entirely and the organization released all the members after the first season. Similarly, the organization also decided to let go of the management team and step out of the competitive Dota scene.

Remarks from the CEO

The co-founder and CEO of High Coast Esports, Robert ‘GREVEN’ Gavelin said that sometimes things don’t work out as you wish them to. He also said that this is one of the times when I am ashamed and sad as the organization could not keep it going. Without fuel, it is impossible for the organization to move forward. 

Valve’s Promises

The exit of High Coast Esports made a lot of community members question Valve’s promises about supporting teams and players through the branded team bundles. Moreover, Valve announced that the organization will release these bundles during the first season of the DPC. However, the second season is already here and we are yet to witness any kind of bundles that may include multiple in-game effects, loading screens, chat wheels, and sprays. 

Former Roster 

Currently, none of the former High Coast Esports’ roster members has released any kind of statement. It seems like the former roster will once again perform under the banner of Chicken Fighters in the second season as well. The first matchup of the stack is ready against Team Bald Reborn on the 17th of April. 

With the unexpected exit from the competitive Dota, High Coast Esports’ fans are really sad. The team could not do much in the first season of the DPC. Therefore, the organization decided to drop the players and move on with the game. In a couple of days, we will get to see the first match of the former roster, and we will know the current form of the stack. We will also witness if the roster still plays with the previous name.