Keita Has Parted Ways With Complexity

We are seeing major changes in different esports teams this month. Just recently, we talked about the departure of a major player from the Dota 2 roster of Na’Vi. And now, it seems like an important figure from another esports team has decided to part ways with its organization. That’s right, it was recently confirmed that Jamie “Keita” Hall has decided to part ways with Complexity.

Ketia Leaves Complexity

The news about Keita leaving the team comes as a great shock to many fans. He joined Complexity in June 2019 and has served as the head coach for the CS:GO’s team. And now, after two years, he has parted his ways. This decision was made after the team’s poor performance at the recent IEM XVI – Cologne, something which led to a “mutual agreement” between Ketia and Complexity for making changes in the roster.

For those who don’t know, Keita first started as a professional CS:GO, player. He had a good run after which he switched to coaching in 2017. As for his time with Complexity, he first joined them in 2018 but served as an analyst for them at that time. He remained in this position for around a year, after which he decided to become the head coach of the CS:GO team for the same organization.

The Downfall of Complexity’s CS:GO Roster

Under Keita’s leadership, the team has managed to win a number of big events. For instance, they won the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals and the Blast Premier: Spring Groups 2021. Other than these, the team brought home a couple of more trophies home. However, the performance of the team has declined in the past few months as they have failed to perform well in tournaments. In fact, after winning the Blast Premier: Spring Groups 2021, the team failed to win more than one match in the final stage. Due to their poor performance, they achieved 5th place.

Other than that, Complexity also participated in IEM Cologne 2021. They performed well in the Play-In stage and made it further. However, they finished last in Group A as they couldn’t defeat G2 Esports and Virtus Pro. This made them finish 13th-16th place in the event, something that shocked a lot of fans. However, this wasn’t that surprising considering their performance was slowly becoming poor before that and a lot of people saw this coming.

Who Will Become The Next Head Coach?

At the moment, Complexity is yet to talk about who they are going to hire next as the head coach of their CS:GO team. The post is currently empty and they would want someone who is more experienced than Keita and can improve the performance of their team. Because if it continues like this, then Complexity might lose its name from the list of top CS:GO teams. The CS:GO competitive scene will see a summer player break starting next week, which will begin on July 19 and end on August 15. This will give the organization enough time to fill the position. Multiple CS:GO coaches did recently announce that they are exploring new options, so it won’t be difficult for Complexity to find the perfect replacement.