Mousesports releases Rejin over coaching Bug abuse

As the Esports Integrity Commission takes out the bug abuse report for different CSGO coaches, Mousesports part ways with the former coach Allan ‘Rejin’ Petersen. During Rejin’s time with Tricked Esports, he got caught abusing the bug at different times. The Esports Integrity Commission gave a harsh ban of 19.8 months to the coach for his past cheatings. The 31-year-old coach is going to say farewell to Mousesports for exploiting the bug in 2017 till 2019. The organization took the case to Twitter and posts his official departure from the team.

Previous Suspension

Mousesports previously took the other path for the former head coach. The team believed in suspension and made it official on September 4th. The team took the suspension as an option because Rejin admits to using the glitch. However, the Integrity Commission insists the team get rid of the former coach permanently. 

Rejin with Mousesports

During Rejin’s services at Mousesports, the team managed to win several matches. The team also won the ESL One Pro League Season 10 with Rejin. The organization also confirms that none of the professionals at Mousesports knew about his bug abuse in the game. All his actions regarding the glitch connect him with his time at Tricked. The team also says that Rejin has played fair and square ever since he joined Mousesports. 

Mousesports Future

The team entered the ESL Pro League Season 12 without any official coaching looking after it. However, the squad pulled off a fourth position finishing in the tournament, which looks promising. The team is currently moving under its captain. However, it is still not clear whether Mousesports will start looking for an official coach or not. There are chances that the organization keeps on working under Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen’s leadership.

Rejin’s Future

As the Esports Integrity Commission started digging into the matter, most of the faulty coaches admitted their previous crimes. Rejin also seconds to his past crimes and totally regrets them. However, due to using the glitch more than once in the past, the ESIC gave him the official punishment of 19.8 months suspension from the pro-scene. This is the lengthiest punishment any coach has received from the Commission. Although his confession gave him the relief of 45% in his punishment, it is still the toughest of them all. 

A lot of professional coaches like Slaava ‘Twista’ Rasanen, Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen, and Nicholas ‘guerri’ Nogueira are getting second chances from the Commission. However, Rejin’s lengthy punishment has definitely put his future in jeopardy. Mousesports expresses its grief over cutting the knots with the former coach. Despite this, the organization also says that the Integrity Commission comes first and the future of Esports is the most important thing.

Rejin is going to get off from the official CSGO scene for a long time. It is still not clear what will happen once his punishment is over and he comes back. Sooner or later, we will all find out.