MuTex Talks About Streamers Quitting Warzone Because of Cheating Concerns

Popular Twitch streamer, MuTeX recently did a stream in which he talked about the ongoing issue of streamers boycotting Warzone because of hacking and cheating concerns. The streamer called their action “pointless” and claimed that the game is already too big for it to get affected by such things.

Warzone and Cheating

Warzone players have complained about cheaters since its early days. There exist players in the game that don’t like playing by the rules. They either abuse exploits to gain an advantage over other players or simply use third-party software. The most commonly used software is aimbot, something that allows them to land their shots accurately without hitting the target.

Since the first complaint, Warzone’s developers are constantly trying new ways through which they can eliminate such players from the game and put an end to hackers once and for all. However, no matter how much they try, they just can’t prevent new ones from appearing in the game. They did take drastic measures such as issuing hardware bans to players who were caught cheating multiple times, but that too has failed to solve the issue. At the time of writing, more than half a million accounts have been banned. However, cheaters still continue to ruin the experience of many players.

MuTeX Says Boycotting Warzone Is Useless

The biggest issue is that top Warzone streamers on Twitch often become a victim of hackers. The issue is getting serious as a lot of them are boycotting Warzone because they are tired of facing hackers in almost every other lobby. They are backing off from Warzone while hoping that their action might make the developers take more serious actions against hackers. However, MuTeX recently claimed that boycotting the game isn’t the solution and there is no point in doing that.

As per MuTeX, streamers are one of the biggest reasons why Warzone is as popular as it is today. He further added that the issue of hacking in Warzone will not get fixed by quitting the game for some time. While talking about this, he claimed streamers don’t mean anything to the developers and that they don’t “give a f***” about them. This is mainly because streamers make up only a small percentage of Warzone’s player base. Even if they quit the game and stop streaming it, their action won’t have any effect on the game’s player count.

Warzone Might Die Because of Hackers

While MuTeX opposed the idea of boycotting Warzone because of cheating issues, he did claim that the game will de in a month or two if the issue of hacking does not get addressed properly. He is kind of right since almost every player has encountered a hacker at least once, and lobbies these days are filled with them.

Recently, FaZe Kalei also came forward with some statements in which she claimed that she won’t be participating in public Warzone events because of hackers. In a series of now-deleted tweets, she requested the developers to introduce private lobbies so that they can host events free of cheaters. In any case, let’s just hope that the developers do something about this issue before things get out of hand.