Rainbow Six Siege – New Leaks reveal some Important details

The Robust support of Rainbow Six Siege always comes from Ubisoft, with the game providing updates every season. Season 1 of the 6th year of the game already brought so many exciting changes for the community. The update also had a new operator ‘Flores’, in it. However, the community is always looking forward to what will come next. Season 2 of the game is coming soon, but there are some leaks that reveal some exciting things. It seems like these leaks might have revealed some new changes in the upcoming season. 

The Leak

The very famous Rainbow Six Siege data miner @benjaminstrike marks his comeback to the scene with an amazing leak. In his leak, he reveals the name of the next season’s operation. According to him, the name of the next season’s operator would be Operation North Star. This name also refers to the location from where the next operator will be. We have also seen that the roadmap of season 6 has revealed that the new operator of Season 2 will come from Nakoda, Western Canada. 

Updates for the Operators

The recent leak has the least information regarding new operators in the game. The community is predicting that the upcoming operator in the game will be a Defender. Besides this, there is no other information available. Along with the new operator, there is also a glimpse of rework for an operator in the game, for the second season of Year 6. However, nothing is confirmed yet and the Rainbow Six Siege fans would have to wait until Ubisoft releases any official statement about the upcoming update. 

Smoke Remote Gas Grenade

An interesting leak from Benjamin includes the Smoke Remote Gas Grenade. In the second season, Ubisoft has worked on the grenade and it will no longer leak through walls, ceilings, and floors. Benjamin also says that this update will go live as soon as it is ready. Therefore, the community can expect this change during season 1 or in the upcoming season 2. 

Map Rework

The Year 6 roadmap reveals the rework for the map Favela. Favela is a map set up in Brazil which the community thought is very messy for being competitive. Now, the community thinks that Favela will be much more competitive and there will be very high competition. For now, it is very hard to predict how Favela will look like after the rework. However, we will know everything in a few months. 


All of these new updates are coming in the next few months. The game will eventually shift to the second season and Ubisoft will release a lot of new features. Similarly, this update will only be the first half of the year. The roadmap already confirms that Ubisoft has planned for seasons 3 and 4 already. Therefore, the community should enjoy the game as a lot of updates are coming in their way this year. 

Rainbow Six Siege is available on multiple platforms now, including PS4, PS5, OC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.