S0m retires from CS: GO to move to Valorant

Sam ‘S0m’ Oh announces his retirement from the official CSGO. The professional now shifted his career to play professional Valorant. NRG recently hired the star to its official Valorant roster. The organization recently makes an announcement in which it confirms the joining of S0m. One week before this official announcement, the RushB media gave the idea to the fans about NRG targeting S0m. The media also gave insights about the organization looking forward to signing with Damian ‘daps’ Steele and the head coach Chet Singh for its official roster. Eventually, daps and Chet got into the scene right after the reveal and S0m now joins them as well. 

S0m and CS: GO

Out of all the three names in the news, S0m’s name surprised the CS: GO fans the most. The first CS: GO professional contract for the 18-year-old was in March 2019. The player signed with a very famous team, Envy. Eventually, in December 2019, Gen.G acquired the player. 

S0m had a very successful CS: GO career. The professional won two significant CS: GO championships this year. He also helped his Gen.G squad to capture the big titles like DreamHack Open Anaheim in February 2020 and the ESL: Road to Rio North America in May 2020. After these wins, the organization could not take hold of the form and lost big matches to different teams like Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and FURIA. Daps also left the team as the lost form of the squad pushed him to do so.

S0m on Twitter

S0m took the matter to Twitter to say goodbye to his former teammates. The professional says that he is highly excited to move to Valorant and would like to say thank you to his former Gen.G squad for everything. 

As the professional says goodbye to CS: GO, he has already streamed Valorant for 51 hours and CS: GO for 26 hours only, in the past three months. 

Valorant’s Radiant 

S0m played around 120 maps with Gen.G throughout his professional period. The player holds a rating of 1.03. The player is likely to adopt his playstyle at Valorant as well. S0m currently receives the Radiant rank in Valorant. 

With both Daps and S0m leaving Gen.G, the organization is down two professionals in its official roster. The team is going to find new players very soon and will come back to CS: GO in a matter of time. On the other hand, NRG for Valorant is already looking for other players to complete its Valorant roster. The organization says that the base is already here, the upper finding is still on. 

With S0m joining NRG, the team is definitely going to do wonders. The professional will keep his class and form at the new game and new team. The Radiant rank represents his entrance into the game. NRG hopes to find the remaining members of the roster very soon and S0m can finally have his professional Valorant debut.