SoNNeikO Has Left Na’Vi’s Dota 2 Team

Every year, we see changes being made in Dota 2 teams all over the world. Some of them add new players to their roster, while some see players leaving. As for Na’Vi, it’s the latter for them. This is because the captain of their Dota 2 team, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev has decided to leave the team. At the moment, the reason behind why he left the organization is unknown, but a lot of fans are disheartened by the news.

SoNNeikO Leaves Na’Vi

The most surprising thing is that it has been just two months since SoNNeikO rejoined the team. Previously, in October 2019, SoNNeikO was a part of Na’Vi but was benched in the mentioned month. After this, he left the organization and decided to join Ninjas in Pyjamas. After some time, SoNNeikO left NiP as well only to be signed by AS Monaco Gambit.

SoNNeikO was playing alongside another top player, NoOne in Gambit. Both were performing really well and even helped their team with qualifying for the WePlay Esports AniMajor. However, due to some reasons, both players decided to leave the team. This happened right after the second season of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit ended. The news came as a shock to many fans as both players were performing really well and there wasn’t any reason for them to leave Gambit. However, they eventually made their decision and left Gambit to pursue new options.

SoNNeikO then went ahead and joined Na’Vi once again in May. As the roster was full, Na’Vi started preparing for The International 10 regional qualifiers. The team played pretty hard and fans had high expectations from them. However, even though they tried their best, they failed to secure a spot in the final event as Na’Vi finished fifth in the regional qualifiers.

Possible Reasons Behind His Departure

While we currently don’t know the exact reason behind why SoNNeikO left Na’Vi for the second time, some believe that their performance in the regional qualifiers is one of the reasons. The team’s coach, Andrey “Mag” Chipenko, also claimed that his exit from the team was not because of his performance but rather how the team was built. During a live stream on Twitch, Mag further added that SoNNeikO might be more interested in playing with younger players as this was the first time he had teammates “as experienced as the teammates”. Mag believed that SoNNeikO might be more comfortable in teams where he has complete control of the process.

In any case, we hope that SoNNeikO manages to find a team where he can shine like before. The player made the announcement of leaving Na’Vi on Twitter where he thanked the organization for everything. At the moment, the team is left with RAMZES, NoOne, RodjER, and V’Tune. All four of these players are some of the best Dota players in the world as they have competed in at almost every major tournament. It will be exciting to see how Na’Vi will sign next.