Spectre wins the International 10 arcana vote

After wrapping up the International Battle Pass 10, Valve finally releases the Arcana vote winner of the year. As the Battle Pass goes out, Valve announces the winner within an hour. The competition went really tough throughout as two carries managed to reach the finals. Faceless Void became the final opponent to face Spectre in the finals of the Arcana voting. Both of the purplest heroes in Dota 2, fought till the end, and eventually, Spectre won. 

Votings and the Arcana

After the whole Battle Pass tenure, both carries came to a very close point. Spectre eventually managed to close Faceless Void with a big lead. In a final tally of 27,475,258 votes to 24,948,538 votes, Spectre closed the competition really well. Valve is now all set to prepare the new Arcana for the hero. The organization has given a name to the new Arcana of Spectre, ‘Befitting Mercurial’. Fans are now desperately waiting for the new Arcana. However, the official date is not out yet.

Valve’s Response to Spectre arcana

After several queries by the fans, Valve finally revealed some of the glamorous insights about the new Arcana. In a post, the organization says that how do the fans think Spectre will haunt, how can her refraction take onto her enemies, what custom appearance can she adapt. The company also says that when Spectre will release her Spectral Dagger, what color would she release. It is common sense that it will omit purple color, but which shade of purple, is the main question. Valve asks fans to sit tight as the new Arcana is going to get the lavender lovers, and the violet voters. With some time, the company will resolve all the questions with a new Arcana. 

Release Date and Dota Plus

Valve has still not announced an official date of the release of the new Arcana. However, Spectre fans can finally be happy as their favorite hero is about to get a new change. In the same post regarding the Arcana details, Valve also shared some insights on Dota Plus. According to the post, Dota Plus is going to get a lot of new stuff, next week. The new stuff can include an update for the Guilds. Similarly, a new Dota Plus Season will start. Moreover, a new MMR reset system is going to get live in the next few updates. All of these updates are going to get installed in the next few weeks. 

As the Battle Pass 10 finishes, Valve surprises the fans with the most awaited Arcana for 2020. A lot of Faceless Void fans are not happy with the result, however, they are also somewhat excited to experience the new Arcana for Spectre. The release date is still unknown, but Valve commits to release a few new updates for Dota Plus and other things in the coming week. If you voted for Spectre, you must be really happy as the Carry finally won the Arcana vote.