The upcoming CIS RMR Event by StarLadder

StarLadder recently announced that the organization will host the second Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament for the CIS region in 2021. All the RMR events of 2021 allow teams to gather some official points for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021. The community is celebrating this because the Stockholm Major is the first-ever Valve-sponsored tournament since the Berlin Major in September 2019. Valve has also released the official dates for the upcoming RMR events. These events will begin with open qualifiers at the beginning of June. Similarly, the main event will conclude on the 4th of July. 

The Stockholm Major

Starladder is organizing this RMR event to determine which teams in the region will qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major. This means that all the professional teams in the CIS region will battle for the points to get to the $2million Major tournament. Valve has also released the official dates for the Stockholm Major. The tournament will occur between the 23rd of October to the 7th of November. Before the Major, there will be another RMR tournament for the region. This tournament will provide the most points to the teams to qualify for the Major. 

RMR Tournament

The upcoming RMR tournament will follow the round-robin group stage format. The top 4 teams from the group will qualify for the playoffs and the rest will go home. All the teams will play a double-elimination bracket round, while the two best teams will reach the grand finals. Both teams will fight for a best-of-five series to win the tournament. 

Registration for the RMR Event

StarLadder has already opened the registration for the teams. All the professional teams in the CIS region can register for the event. Four teams will make it to the closed qualifiers of the tournament. These closed qualifiers will begin from the 18th of June till the 21st. The RMR event is not all about the Major points. However, all the teams will also play for a $100,000 prize pool. 

RMR Points

As the StarLadder RMR event is the second this year, multiple teams already hold some points from the previous tournaments. Multiple teams from the CIS region are dominating the RMR points table. Currently, Team Spirit is securing the top spot with 1,860 points. However, other teams are closing up the gap and reaching Team Spirit. Natus Vincere is currently securing the second spot on the list with 1,630 points in hand. Similarly, Team Gambit is holding the third-highest RMR points at the moment with 1,400 points in hand. 

As the closed qualifiers of the RMR tournament begin, we will start getting the names of the squads to reach the RMR tournament. StarLadder has already organized multiple CSGO tournaments. This one will be no different for sure. A lot of wild action is on its way as the tournament is just a few days away. If your favorite team is playing at the event, you better follow the tournament as it is not just about the money, it’s also about the RMR points