TSM knocked out by Fnatic in LoL Worlds 2020

Week two of the Worlds 2020 for League of Legends brings a lot of exciting games for the fans. The week ended a little early for team TSM after a brutal loss against Team Fnatic. TSM team now goes home as Fnatic move forward in the competition.

TSM’s Record at the Worlds 2020

After the final loss against Fnatic, TSM now makes the group stage score of 0-4. The team failed to manage a single victory during the group stages. Group C of the tournament includes Gen.G, Fnatic, LGD, and TSM. After winning two games apiece, all the teams try to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament. However, the winless record of TSM at the Worlds 2020 stands far behind all of the other teams in the group. 

TSM vs Fnatic

During the contest between the two amazing teams, TSM took an early lead off the map in a slow game. However, as Fnatic got its rhythm back, there was no going back then. At the 17-minute mark in the game, Fnatic turned the whole game around. The team stole a dragon from TSM and managed to win an epic team fight. This continuously pushed TSM against the wall. Just eight minutes after the team fight, Fnatic managed to hold an 11,000 gold lead over the opponent. The team eventually takes the first game in just 25 minutes.

TSM reached the World Championship 2020 after the year 2017. The team gave a similar performance  three years ago. Once again, They fails to reach the quarter-final of the tournament. Similarly, the team has failed to reach the quarter-finals of the Worlds Championship in four consecutive appearances. 

The only time when TSM reaches the quarter-finals is 2014. In that year, they lost to the eventual Champions, Samsung White. 

More Games at the Worlds 2020

TSM still has two games left at the Worlds 2020. Later today, the team is going to face the group members, Gen.G, and LGD Gaming. The games are going to make no difference to the advancement of the team in the tournament. The team is mainly going to focus on winning these games to save the embarrassment of losing all the games at the tournament. About reaching the quarter-finals, TSM still has to wait for another year to come back stronger and reach the upper levels of the tournament. 

As TSM goes out of the competition, all the other teams are now going to work hard even more. The second week of the tournament has given a lot of excellent games. The group stages are still producing epic battles. They lost to each team it faced in the group. The squad failed to pull a single victory against any enemy. However, the team still has two matches left at the tournament. The team is definitely going to learn a lot from this experience and come back with a stronger reputation and form.