Valve’s New Console Steam Deck Is Here To Challenge The Nintendo Switch

The gaming industry is constantly introducing new things for gamers throughout the world. Some time ago, we got to see the brand new PlayStation 5 and Xbox X console that left a lot of fans speechless. And now, it seems like another top gaming giant has decided to enter the console market by introducing their very own gaming console. That’s right, Valve, one of the biggest video games developers in the world, has recently announced a new console called the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck

Valve made this announcement last week and gave their fans a glimpse of the console as well. Judging from its looks, it’s pretty similar to the Nintendo Switch. However, in terms of performance, the Steam Deck will most likely leave it behind. This is because as per Valve, the Steam Deck is nothing less than a hand-held PC, and users will get the most gaming power out of it. The best part about the Steam Deck is that along with letting you play games which is obvious for every gaming console, it will let you do normal “computer stuff” as well. This means that you will be carrying around a full PC in your hand.

While talking to IGN, Valve’s co-founder and current President Gabe Newell claimed that “Nintendo has its first direct competitor” in the shape of the Steam Deck and that they had to be “very aggressive in terms of pricing on the deck.” At the moment, Valve is yet to talk about how much the Steam Deck is going to cost. However, they are currently planning to bring something that is not a burden on the user’s bank account. Therefore, if we take some things into consideration, including Nintendo Switch’s price, then the Steam Deck will most likely have a price tag of or around $299.

Valve’s Previous Attempt

For those who don’t know, Valve is the very studio behind the critically acclaimed titles, Half-Life, CS:GO, Dota, and more. In addition to this, they also own the gaming platform, Steam, which is one of the biggest PC games markets. Although they are currently dominating the PC industry, they failed to make a name for themselves on the console’s side. This is because back in 2015, they released their first console called the Steam Machine. However, the project failed badly and Valve left it as it was. The Steam Deck, on the other hand, looks very promising. And it’s going to be Valve’s second attempt with entering the console market. However this time, they will most likely not make the same mistakes as they did with the Steam Machine.

This was all regarding Valve’s newest console called the Steam Deck. The console will feature a seven-inch touch screen and a powerful process. It’s fair to say that the console is going to become a rival of the Nintendo Switch. Since its release in 2017, it has sold more than 80 million units. It will be exciting to see whether the Steam Deck will manage to hit the same number within 3-4 years or not.