Version1 goes packing after losing in the Lower Bracket in VCT Masters 2

Fnatic sealed the fate of Version1 at the VCT Masters 2 by defeating it at a lower bracket meeting. Version1 now purchases a one-way ticket to go back home. The EU’s ruthless Fnatic swept the North American second seed Version1 in the lower bracket match. Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev proved to be the star player from Fnatic by securing a server-high 55 frags in both games. 

Map 1 

Version1 fought till the end of game 1 and pushed the match to overtime. Fnatic secured Icebox 14-12 with Derke leading the whole squad. The Finnish professional had spectacular 34 kills on the map that helped Fnatic to push some further rounds. His best performance came out when the professional held the A main alone and killed three Version 1 players. All these heroic plays helped Fnatic come on top and sneak into overtime. Eventually, Fnatic came out with a clutch victory. 

Map 2

Version 1 could not match the pace of Fnatic on the second map. Fnatic easily took Ascent 13-6. Fnatic had to defend in the second map and managed to take an 8 round lead. This broke Version 1 and the squad failed to come back into the game after that. Even with the lack of momentum, Version 1 tried its best to fight back the mighty Fnatic but failed to deliver. Team Fnatic closed the game in style and swept Version 1 to eliminate them from the VCT Masters 2 Reykjavik. 

North American Valorant

It is definitely not good news for the North American fans of Valorant. Version 1 started its tournament run with impressive plays, but could not manage to hold the pace. However, Sentinels from the same region still remain the favorite squad to win Masters 2. The team has reached the finals of the upper bracket where they face NUTURN. The winner of this series leads directly into the grand finals of the tournament. 

Fnatic moves Forward

With this clean victory in the lower bracket, Fnatic moves one step closer to reach the lower bracket finals. The team now waits for the matchup between Team Liquid and Team Vikings. The winner of this series will advance in the lower brackets to face Fnatic. Masters 2 still has a touch of EU gaming looming around. The tournament is producing exciting matches and will keep on doing that. 

Chances of Fnatic?

Fnatic is currently on a mission and is performing really well for the tournament. The team started the playoffs in the upper brackets. However, the competition got tougher when it faced Sentinals in the second round. The team fell down to the lower brackets but is doing its best to maintain the run. Currently, Fnatic has eliminated X10 Esports and Version 1. With this performance, there is no doubt the Fnatic can reach the grand finals of the tournament. However, there are high chances that Sentinals will wait for the squad in the finals.