Warzone Players Are Complaining About Invisible Gun Glitch

Warzone is one of the world’s leading battle royale games in the world. It is a direct competitor of Fortnite and Apex Legends. When the game was released, everyone knew it was going to break some big records considering a Call of Duty game instantly becomes popular. However, even though the game was backed up by a studio that has made some of the biggest video games in the world, it still had a lot of issues in it.

Warzone Bugs

Warzone players started complaining about different bugs and glitches shortly after it was released. The game attracted millions of players within its first few weeks, and most of them ended up facing a bug. However, the developers were quick to fix most of them as a mistake could lead to ruining the reputation of their newly released title. But there are still some annoying glitches are that are running the gameplay experience of players. One of them is the invisibility glitch.

For those who don’t know, Warzone players complain about an invisible glitch once in while. The biggest one has been the one that makes players invisible. For the ones who used it, it allowed them to conquer every match. But for the ones who became a victim of it, they were absolutely devasted. This is mostly because they weren’t able to tell what killed them or where the bullet came from. It was just like how it happened in The Invisible Man movie for them.

New Invisibility Glitch

As for that glitch, Warzone has fixed it to some extent and is still working on it to completely eliminate it from the game. But now, a new invisibility bug has appeared that is even worst than the current one. This is because instead of making the players invisible, it is putting the effect on their weapons.

On Reddit, a lot of players are complaining that their weapons are becoming invisible because of a new glitch that has appeared in the game. Most of them have confirmed that they are unable to see their weapons in their hands when they drop into the map. While some of them mentioned that the weapons usually reappear after a few seconds, this isn’t the case for many.

Even if it takes a couple of seconds for the guns to appear, this can still prove to be problematic, especially during the start of the match. For instance, if you drop into a hot zone, you will encounter players instantly. And if you are unable to see your weapons, then you’re pretty much doomed. However, an important thing to keep in mind is that even though the weapon appears missing, you can still use it. In the video below, it can be seen that a user took down an enemy player even when his gun wasn’t loaded yet.

In any case, the developers are yet to talk about whether they are aware of this glitch or not. Even if they aren’t, we can expect them to learn about it soon considering the topic is getting a lot of heat on Reddit.