Tips on How to Beat the Odds at the Casino

Many of us have imagined going to a casino and returning with loads of winnings like they show in the movies. It looks quite simple when a movie character beats the odds at the casino.

However, the money-making businesses that the best online casinos really are have many strategies that can hamper your chances of winning. And if you’re not aware, you could well end up losing a lot of money.

Here are the tips on how to try and beat the odds at the casino.

1. Invest in a good watch

One of the oldest casino tricks is having no clocks or windows which can result in the players losing track of time. If you have no awareness about the passing of time, you are more likely to continue playing longer.

A watch will let you keep an eye on the time you spend on a game and also help you decide when you’ve got to move to the next.

2. Choosing a dealer

One way to get an advantage over the house is choosing a clumsy dealer. Such a dealer may accidentally reveal a face-down card in a table game like Blackjack. In such an event, you’ll have a 9% advantage over the house which puts you in a good position to beat the odds.

It needs some practice though, to develop an eye for spotting a shoddy dealer.

3. Avoid the “Free” drinks

The free drinks at the casino seem a much lucrative offering since you won’t be spending a penny to enjoy the drinks. However, the drinks casinos might send to your table are not actually “free”.

Turns out, casino managers have what they call a ‘player reinvestment fund’ – their prediction of how much money a player will lose. This is what funds those drinks – your possible losses!

If you really need a drink to calm your nerves, buy it yourself instead of downing the casinos’ free drinks. It’s best to refrain from intoxication to never let the casino gain an edge over you.

4. Target Old Equipment

Another hands-on tip to beat the odds at the casino is benefitting from old equipment – roulette wheel, for example. Being a mechanical instrument, the wheel is likely to worn out over time and as such prone to patterns.

In 1873, Joseph Jagger noticed that the wheel at a casino in Monte Carlo was biased, and figured out which numbers were hit more often. Jagger gambled for 3 days and won thousands, becoming a casino legend.

5. Video Poker

In most of the casino games, the house has the upper hand – In Keno, for example, the house edge is 35% – while Video Poker is where players have the advantage. In most of the video poker games, the house edge is less than 0.5%.

In addition to lower house edge, video poker games also offer some of the highest odds in casino gambling. In simpler words, this is your best shot at beating the odds at the casino.

6. Make a Plan, Know When to Walk Away

Another important tip before you attempt to beat the casino odds is to always have a plan and know when to walk away. Set yourself a budget and gamble only what you can afford to lose. Sometimes, you could be on a winning streak and think of gambling more money. It is times like these, a plan will help you know just when to stop and walk away with your winnings.

One thing you must remember is that it takes practice to master these tips and while they may not make you rich right away, they will help prevent big losses in the long run.