Online Fantasy Sports in India

A fantasy sport is a type of game where players assemble imaginary teams of real players from the official sport. Fantasy sports are one of the most famous types of sports in India. There are different kinds of fantasy leagues for each kind of sport in India. The biggest fantasy event throughout the year is the IPL (Indian Premier League) for Cricket, in India.

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Just like for any other sport, fantasy sports are equally encouraged by online betting websites. There are several markets available for betting while the fantasy leagues are occurring. Throughout the year, different fantasy sports leagues occur at different times. However, betting websites remain active to provide the best odds. In the following article, we will get into deep detail about fantasy sports in India and how a player can bet on them.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are the type of game where players from different official teams form an imaginary or virtual team to play. Fantasy sports type is one of the most famous ways of playing sports. For each game, there are fantasy teams that play different leagues throughout the year.

As fantasy sports are getting bigger and bigger every day, online betting websites are getting involved in the scene now more than ever.

These websites offer numerous betting markets for these leagues. Moreover, due to the fan load and high competition, betting websites sometimes offer multiple bonuses for the players to attract more audience. The largest fantasy sport in the world is Football as multiple huge leagues are going on for it. However, in India, it’s cricket.

What Fantasy Sports Can I Play?

Fantasy sports are not only the ones that can be played in actual life. However, these sports include assumed teams on virtual platforms as well. Therefore, a player can play a cricket game with a fantasy league in it. There are several fantasy sports that you can play and here are some of them.


Fantasy cricket is a part of the fantasy sports collection. In fantasy cricket, players play online cricket with a virtual team of real cricket team players. All the virtual players in the game get the points according to the performance they give in real life. Some of the famous fantasy cricket games are Dream11 and 11 Wickets.

Any player can play these games online and assume a virtual team of actual players in it. You can also place numerous bets on these games through online betting websites.


Fantasy football is one of the most famous fantasies of sports games. In the game, you can select a virtual team with the current players in the real team. Every player will perform according to his real-life performance. Some of the most famous fantasy football games are NFL and UEFA Champions League Fantasy. These games are made for everyone and any player can bet on different games.


Just like any other fantasy game, Kabaddi has its fantasy games as well. The games have real-world virtual teams in it which a player can select while playing. The most famous game in this scenario is known as Fantasy Kabaddi. This game is very famous in India as the sport is highly loved in the country. A player can choose any virtual team from the real world and can advance in the game while playing different leagues in it.

Multiple bettings can also be played on Fantasy Kabaddi as a lot of online betting sites provide the feature.

Can I Bet on Fantasy Sports?

There are a lot of options available for betting on fantasy sports online. A player can decide which fantasy sport is his favorite and can then look for a better betting website. Once you do that, you can have multiple options of betting for a fantasy sport. You can either play a cash game or you can bet for the whole tournament. A cash game gives you a reward when you play one-on-one against an opponent. However, a tournament is played with multiple members joining with different teams. The bet winner becomes the winner of the whole tournament.

Earning money through fantasy sports is not a very difficult task. Most of the time, cash games are highly preferable as they give you pay-out immediately. However, the tournaments can be extremely lengthy and you might face a very strong competitor as the competition gets tougher.

Can I Get a Fantasy Sports Bonus Code?

Getting a bonus code is not a very difficult task if you are truly a fantasy sports fan. All you need to do is sign up with a new gambling website that is offering a signup bonus. As you register yourself, you will receive your bonus through a code, provided by the website you were signing in at. Multiple websites try to attract the newcomers and thus put an offer for the signing up bonuses.

If you are already in the business, there are bonus codes for you as well. During the important leagues of a specific fantasy game, betting websites provide multiple promotions for the existing customers as well. Although, these websites put some terms and conditions for the customers to meet. For example, they would ask you to make a wager of a specific amount to get the bonus code. If you become able to meet the requirements, you can get the bonus codes and use them later on.

Are Fantasy Sports Legal in India?

According to the laws of India, fantasy sports are legal in the whole country except few states. These states are Odisha, Assam, and Telangana. The law about gambling in India says that games of skills are not placed under the tab of gambling, therefore, Fantasy sports are legal in the country.

A player can easily play fantasy sports online as it won’t violate any kind of law of the country.