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2021 IPL Tournament Prediction

The following is our tournament predictions on the percentage chance each team has of winning in 2021.

TeamWinning Chance
Chennai Super Kings24.41 %
Delhi Capitals22.78 %
Mumbai Indians21.35 %
Royal Challengers Bangalore14.24 %
Rajasthan Royals6.57 %
Punjab Kings5.69 %
Kolkata Knight Riders3.29 %
Sunrisers Hyderabad1.67 %

Our match predictions are formulated using advanced data analysis to create winning percentages for each team.

Who wins the IPL 2021 depends a lot on the quality of players these teams have got. Some players have the ability to play big innings or pick wickets in the death overs, but in a league where every team has got 14 matches, consistency, bench strength and variety are the key factors in a team’s chances of winning the title.

Our cricket experts follow every action that unfolds in the Indian Premier League 2021 and analyze different aspects of the game – strike rates in different phases of the innings, death overs bowling, reliable middle-order, finishers, and a lot more – to find what lies at the core of a match-winning team, player, or performance.

IPL Betting Tips 2021

IPL 2021 will be long with a number of matches. In such a league, a bettor needs to chalk a long-term plan and not aim for big winnings by staking big money in a single match.

Here we analyse some of the most popular pre-match betting markets and discuss their profitability, and how to approach them during IPL.

IPL Betting Markets

Consider these betting markets popular across all top bookmakers in India:

Top Batsman or Bowler

These markets offer odds of 3.00 and above in most of the cases. If Royal Challengers Bangalore is playing, then, the betting odds for Virat Kohli in the team top batsman market may be below 3.00.

  • There are many instances when the top scorer for a team is a middle-order or lower-order batsman.
  • The betting odds for players in the top team batsman market increase as their batting position goes down.
  • For example, if opening batsman Rohit Sharma has odds of 3.00 to be team top batsman for Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard who bats lower down the order will likely have odds of 6.00 and above.

Betting on a middle order batsman (number 4 or 5) in the top team batsman market will give higher returns

Hence, this market is likely to turn profitable over time as the league progresses.

To Score 50+ Runs

While predicting who will score a fifty in the next match may not be an easy task for any bettor, the To Score 50+ Runs betting market offers great odds.

To Hit a Six

Another betting market where predicting the outcome is relatively easy is the To Hit A Six betting market.

  • Here you can choose the individual players who you think will hit a six in the match. The odds for these players will mostly depend on their form and ability.
  • The big hitting batsmen in these markets will have odds of under 1.80. However, this also depends on the bowling strength of the opposition.

IPL teams pack powerful batting line-ups with big hitters like David Miller, Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and many more. Predicting which of these batsmen will hit a six and getting 60% and above returns on your stake seems a good opportunity.

First Ball Of The Match

Opening batsmen in IPL tend to adapt their approach depending on the match situation, the pitch conditions, and the bowler. While the chances of the first ball of the match being a dot are quite high, if the batsman scores a single you stand to win Rs.400 on your Rs.100 bet.

  • In the First Ball Of The Match betting market, the odds for a Dot Ball are 1.61 while those for a Single are 4.00.
  • A four (off the bat) offers betting odds of 7.50 in this market.
  • The likeliness of winning a bet on Single or the Four betting option in every game is low, however, over time, there is a possibility of eventually making a profit if the stakes are placed correctly.

How to Bet on Today’s IPL Match

Placing a bet on today’s match starts with the question who will win today’s match?

Our IPL predictions will give you insightful analysis of teams, players, and their respective strengths and weaknesses to back your betting game with cricket knowledge.

You can simply sign up with online betting sites, make your first deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and proceed to today’s IPL match betting markets.

If you wish to predict who will win today’s match, place your bet in the Match Winner market.

  • Simply choose your betting selection i.e. the team you wish to back and enter your stake amount.
  • The Bet Slip feature will indicate the possible winnings on your bet depending on the betting odds for your selection.
  • Click the Place Bet button to confirm your bet.

You can also place more than one bet on today’s match. To bet on who will be the top home team batsman in today’s game, find the top team batsman market, select your predicted outcome, enter your stake amount and place your bet.

FAQ – IPL Predictions & Betting Tips

Do I need to verify my identity on the betting sites?

Yes, the online betting sites require an identity verification. You can withdraw your winnings from your account unless your account is verified.

Can I deposit money using UPI?

Yes, Betway supports UPI method of transfer while other sites allow for local bank transfer.

Is it possible to bet on Toss?

Yes, while there are betting markets for Toss, we don’t write predictions for toss. The Toss Winner market is not a profitable one and over time you are likely to lose money.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of your predictions?

Our predictions are our opinions and thoughts on the team line-ups and chances of the team to win. No one can give a 100% accurate prediction for every match. Cricket is a sport and unpredictable at that one, especially the T20 format.