Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a very famous online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game was published by Ubisoft in April 2015. With its initial release, the game was released worldwide and supported multiple platforms. The game runs on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation4. The developers of the game say that the game will also be released to be played on PlayStation5 and Xbox One Series X/S in 2020. The game provides a starter edition with more than 60 hours of gameplay. 

About Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter game. The game was originally released on all the platforms on 1st December 2015. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege say that they are all set to release the new edition of the game on the new PlayStation5 and the Xbox One Series X/S. The game revolves around the heavy destruction in the world and players collaborating with each other. Each player gets the chance to assume a role in the game to either become an attacker or a defender. The tasks are given according to the role a player selects. For a defensive role, you might be ordered to defuse a bomb or rescue a hostage. 

In Rainbow Six Siege, there are small offline missions that you can play as a single player mode. These missions are known as ‘Situations’. These missions basically revolve around the only narrative that is training. They focus on recruits to train against the White-masked terrorists and how to help the world from the threat of destruction.

A brief history

Siege is a sequel of the former Rainbow Six Patriots. In 2014, Ubisoft canceled The Patriots version of the game. Ubisoft instead started working on a new product called Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege’s development team wanted to give the players an actual environment of how the counter-terrorist forces work under a situation. For that, the developers actually consulted with the counter-terrorism forces to witness the real-life example and provide the best experience. For the destructible environment, the developers used Ubisoft’s RealBlast technology. 

To make Rainbow Six Siege a big platform, the developers partnered with ESL to make the game enter the esports scene. In February 2019, the game crossed 45 million registered players across all platforms.

Rainbow Six Siege Game Modes

There are three primary modes in Rainbow Six Siege. However, multiple other falls under these three main modes. The game modes are Situation, Multiplayer, and Terror Hunt. 

The Situation mode is a single-player mode, where a player is given different situations of Terrorism, and he/she has to come out of it. As you keep on crossing some levels of the situations, the next levels keep on getting harder. Some of the Situation mode stories are CQB Basics, High-Value Target, No Intel, Heavily Fortified, Article 5, and many more. Also, the Situation mode offers three different levels of difficulty. A player can choose from Normal, Hard, and Realistic.

Terror Hunt mode

The Terror Hunt mode lets you play different scenarios with a multiplayer option. These scenarios include the operator-based terrorists that are your rivals in each mission. There are four different kinds of Terror Hunts available with three levels of difficulties. The Terror Hunts are Terrorists Hunt Classic, Hostage Extraction, Protect Asset, and Disarm Bombs. Each of the levels becomes difficult as you clear one of the stages.

In the Terrorists Hunt Classic, you need to clear out all the terrorists hiding in a compound to finish the mission. While in the Hostage Extraction, you need to safely escort a hostage from the Terrorists, to a specific part of the map. In the Protect Asset mode, you have to protect a high-valued asset at all costs. You need to deliver that asset to the ordered location. Similarly, in the Disarm Bombs mode, you have to disarm two bombs placed by Terrorists. You must disarm the bombs in a specific given time.

The Multiplayer mode of the game lets you queue for three different kinds of games. You can play a casual game, a ranked match, or a custom game. One way or another, a multiplayer match is more or less a Team Deathmatch.

Rainbow Six Siege Characters

Rainbow Six Siege divides the characters into two different groups. One of the groups is all about the Attackers (ATK) in the game and the others are the Defenders (DEF). There are a total of 57 characters in the game currently. Some of the most famous Attackers in the game are Zero, Ace, Ash, Thatcher, and Twitch. These characters are most liked in the game and their pick rate is high. Zero is created as an American soldier who possesses high armor and speed in the battle. His role is to gather the Intel. Similarly, Ash is an American SWAT soldier who mostly plays on the front line. She is weak when it comes to armor but on the other hand, she possesses a massive movement speed inside the battlefield. Ash is not an easy hero to handle and that is why not everyone can master it.

Moreover, the most famous defenders in the game are Jager, Mira, and Mute. All these characters possess heavy abilities and are very reliable in the game. There are plenty of other characters in the game that players like, but we cannot discuss all of them.