Popular Online Poker Games

A growing user base of online poker players has attracted many international poker sites to Indian shores. As a result, new players have a wide range of options to choose from. While the features on these poker sites may vary, you will find the most popular casino poker games on all of these sites.

Here is a quick run down of the top poker games you can play online in India –

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is the most popular among all the Poker variants played in India.The first person to become World Champion after qualifying at an online poker site, Chris Moneymaker, was playing Texas Holdem when he won the Main Event at World Series of Poker in 2003. It is also the most commonly available variant of online Poker across all poker sites in India.

This poker game is available in Limit, No-Limit, and Pot Limit formats. New players can easily find free-entry tournaments to practice and hone their skills before moving on to cash tables where they can play Texas Holdem for real money.


The Omaha variant of Poker differs slightly from Texas Holdem. In this game, each player is dealt four hole cards. Unlike Texas Holdem, there is a fixed structure for the hand in Omaha Poker. There must be exactly three cards from the board and two from the player’s four hole cards.

The different formats of Omaha Poker include Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo. While Omaha High is offered in Pot Limit format online, you can find Limit, Pot Limit, and No-Limit versions of Omaha Hi/Lo. The difference between the regular Omaha Poker and the 5 Card Omaha variation is the fifth hole card dealt to each player.

7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud Poker was the most popular variant before Texas Holdem cruised ahead with its growing popularity among new players. You will mostly find this poker game online in Limit betting format where your bets will be in fixed increments. For example, in a 2/4 limit game, your bets for the first two rounds will be in increments of 2 while for the next three rounds, the bets will be increments of 4.

The other commonly played variants of the game include 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo and 7 Card Stud Low which is also known as Razz. The latter is possibly the most interesting Poker game you will find online. You can have the worst 5-card hand and still win the pot if you’re playing Razz.

5 Card Stud Poker

The classic Poker game first appeared in the 5 Card variant. Unlike other poker games where the hole cards are for the player’s eyes only, Stud Poker has most of the player’s cards ‘open’ for others on the table to see and get an idea of the cards’ strength. In 5 Card Stud Poker, only the first card of each player is dealt face down while the rest of the four cards are dealt face up. The best 5-card hand at the end of the fourth betting round wins the pot.