5 Best Indian Startups to Invest In

The startups in India, smart investors are watching 

Every country has its startup success stories, the ones that go from a tiny business to massive successes in a very short space of time. The thing is that, as an investor, if you can get in at the ground floor, you can make a great deal of money as such businesses succeed. Of course, the key here is working out which of the millions of startup will stay the course. Something that keeping an eye on the trends and progress of such business can help with. Luckily, you will find a rundown on some of the critical startups to watch below.

Stanza Living: Student living spaces

With the massive rise in the student population in India over the last few years, any startup catering to this market is likely to be a reasonably safe bet. 

However, Stanza Living has an excellent business model that not just exploits a gap in the market. Instead, they provide a genuine and useful service to students moving to other parts of India to study. 

In fact, Stanza Living, founded in 2017, offers co-living spaces packed with facilities for students at reasonable prices. The dorm-like structure of the living spaces also makes it easy for those residing there to connect with others both professionally and personally. Something that can enhance their life and their career. 

Of course, the real strength of Stanza Living’s model is that it is almost infinitely scalable. This means that their current 20,000 beds are likely to increase massively over the next few years. It also means that they could be an excellent choice for investment too. 

Locus: Logistics Automation

Started in 2015 Locus, based in Bengaluru, is one of the most closely watched Indian startup right now. This reason for this is because they combine logistics with tech, offering automated solutions that have the potential to reduce the number of hours worked by people in a business. While at the same time still making sure things run effectively and efficiently. 

Locus provides this by offering solutions such as real-time fleet tracking, ride optimization, and automatic shipment sorting. Although they also offer products such as sales productivity software that can be integrated easily with the other services they provide

Of course, the critical value these Locus software solutions provide is increased productivity and efficiency, which can save the business that uses them a great deal of money. Something suggesting the $28.8MM funding they have already raised, as well as any they secure in the future, is likely to be a smart investment. 

mFine: Virtual doctor

The concept of virtual doctor’s appointment is undoubtedly not a new one, in India or anywhere else in the world. However, mFine’s business model is particularly smart. This is because it’s not just video appointments that they offer, but also at home testing kits for a range of conditions. Something that makes the entire diagnosis process a great deal more convenient for the patient. 

Then there is the fact that mFine have only been around for 3 years, but already has significant partnerships with high profile businesses including Ernst & Young India. Something that means it’s not hard to see why many people believe their investment would be best served in mFine’s coffers. 

1mg: Online Pharmacy + 

Another Indian startup to watch in the medical sector is 1mg, an online pharmacy business. Don’t let this 2015, Gurgaon based company’s simple model fool you though. 

After all, not only are they very successful at fulfilling India’s perception needs online, but are expanding into testing and on-demand virtual appointments as well. 

In fact, 1mg and mFine appear to be getting closer and closer to being in direct competition with one another. Something that could further serve to fuel their successes and something that investors should keep a close eye on. 

Shuttl: Bus Aggregation App 

Commuting is big business in India, and that means any company serving commuters has an excellent chance to succeed. This is where Shuttl comes in, because not only do they offer air-conditioned buses and seat reservations but live emergency support features for added safety. The latter being a much-desired feature due to the highly published unfortunate incidents occurring on many of India’s buses. 

Yes, they may have only been around for 5 years. Still, Shuttle already offers 100.000 rides every day and has a presence in 6 major Indian cities. Shuttl also has an impressive $111.3MM in funding, which means any investor considering adding to this; is likely to be in good company indeed.

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