Top 5 Indian Cricketers of all time

For a country where cricket is a religion, India has produced many cricketing superstars over the years. Many of these cricketers had an ever lasting impact on how the game is perceived in the country and inspired a generation of cricketers. It was when India won the 1983 ICC World Cup that the nation looked

The Growth of Basketball in India

While cricket may be the national sport of India, reports show that the country has room for another competition, with more and more people watching the NBA and playing basketball than ever before.  Exponential growth for the NBA across India The NBA has been tight-lipped on their future monetary projections regarding the growth in India,

The Benefits Of Online Gaming

Do you have a favorite online game that leaves you stuck on a screen for long hours? Gaming plays an important role in your life, boosting learning, social skills, and enhancing your cognitive thinking. Most of these games have an ultimate challenge, which you must solve to move to the next level. Besides enhancing memory,

India’s Plan to Ban Cryptocurrency

The Indian government is reportedly reviewing a plan that will see cryptocurrency banned in the country. Crypto is a popular payment method for activities such as poker betting and markets trading in India, and any change in Crypto regulations would have an effect on those markets. The move seems to have been driven by the